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KANYE WEST - These sneakers look just like something Marc Echo would be interested in I know about fashion and the shoe designer however smart should see the resemblance. It's not specifically made to look sad but it's just a shoe brand that everyone is talking about I just think someone with the know how would put them down instead of choosing to get them. Kanye West​ say's he's got swag but this time I think he's gone haywire and missed the point with this stuff sad because he was on tv talking about some mess to do with the grammys. I've yet to hear something or anybody discussing his fashion brand so what if he took photographs with Ralph Lauren. Some people think he's like a phenomenal character from the hip-hop arena but what about bathing ape and producer extraordinaire Pharrell Williams​, they get on television and the radio with some interesting ideas but the way they're promoting this stuff it's not lacoste but garbage. I cannot go anywhere without someone giving me $2 and telling me to take a hike, I cannot count how many times i've been to the bank and been told off rock better brands wear better garments my clothes? I don't look good etc if it wasn't for the flashy ashy to classy mentality things like this would be good. It's all over the airwaves the brawls, time wasted, sweat, bloody, years the nice car, clothes, the art of rap please I don't like to hate. I don't care how many pairs of gloves you can own I don't know where I am going sometimes because I don't appreciate modernism why waste time the team just left or their maybe inside the mall eating. If an artist was to create his own fashion label then it has to be dope unlike the Wu Wear clothing brand people just think it's a game but textile clothing is a big gamble something that takes a lot of time and puts people's lives at stake, why not talk to them about fly kicks. I went to see Iggy azalea performing in D-town and when it was time to get prepared I went there wearing jeans and a t-shirt from the closet. The shoes weren't up to par but if I should get the Kobe Bryant​ sneakers maybe life could be oh how to describe well royal, I just wanted to mention the fashion designers who put their products for sale who is interesting you need money don't you the rich aren't asking questions they're looking for buyers out in the open just to get someone to think their going to get something when they cannot. A bomb for instance could really go up in smoke don't you notice the flashy types not a turn on all they are doing is walking in and out i'm not rich, I don't get high all the time. In the fashion industry there have been many times when I have noticed they do the branding wrong, why not do it right and stop becoming like H&M who I realize make nice garments but maybe just for the cat walks all over the globe. With so much going on and very few places to find these things who got the time to notice the empty heads? it perhaps all about the profit and making money but the fashion industry is grand I notice them avoiding to help someone because he's poor why not give the little low end achievers a chance to shine. I used to wear wack sneakers to school but this all changed when I realized fashion is expensive and not many can afford to shop in pricey shopping malls and attend college. Just putting it out there i've seen better branding strategies there are millions of outlets not just Adidas which harass you to look at them on the wall their for sale but which type the old fashion kicks? up for sale but since I got the air force ones from Nike I think their approach to consumers was best not just them Porsche​, Fila, Nicki Minaj​ fragrance, Maybach Music, JC Penney, Orlando Florida​, Mercedes-AMG, Gucci​ etc where are they taking this?

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