Kanye West Tells Big Sean He’s Destined For Success

- I understand Big Sean is now a famous celebrity but I found the lyrics to the song IDFWU disturbing not only is it offensive but it's making me upset to keep hearing such a person who claims to be a talented individual from those Detroit suburbs singing/rapping in that format. Case in point the video, the video is okay but there's a problem I been having listening to them ridicule robots because their rich and make millions. I was just going somewhere and as far as I know I may have left a party which I showed up late for, anyway there's plenty happening it's not authentic to bypass something like when they mention a robbery. Rap about something else stay focus in a vital mental sense, this is in way a somewhat racial escapism back masked message where are they going?

Big Sean - IDFWU (Remix) Feat. Rick Ross & E-40

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