Footage from New Documentary FRESH DRESSED: The Revolution of Fashion Born on the Streets (dir. Sacha Jenkins)

New Black Man - This is interesting to watch I don't see much of anything now that the Olympics are over and the Superbowl just ending, but I think a perfect description of fresh individuals from those expensive commercials could be Kim Kardashian and/or whoever went to the Pre-Super bowl party Saturday night. I would like to watch this film because I like the concept of it closer to or about fashion trends. Since now days it's getting more complex talking to someone or better yet walking out of shopping malls with stuff you see getting sold inside. Best thing I can think of to keep this conversation moving are the sneakers, based on what I got from watching the trailer a throwback package from Puma, Adidas, Reebok got their brand thing going despite people not respecting the art form or cultural ways certain people dress on the daily.

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