France deploys aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf in fight against 'IS'

DW-World - France has bolstered its contribution to the fight against "Islamic State." Its aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will now operate from the Persian Gulf, allowing more combat jets to fight alongside the US-coalition.

From what I see on television this kind of news isn't very popular but i'm glad they're willing to go move the ship. Compare this to the times when the media discussed efforts to look into Cyber warfare & political turmoil in places such as Iran they're loosing control. It seems like when American politicians get highlighted the viewer get's mentally challenged to switch stations and create his/her own opinion. Let's try and talk about other matters such as East-Africa the politics happening along those sides of the world certainly aren't being shown once in awhile I wake up to the news only thing I hear and am able to notice is the ISIS fighters loaded up with their heavy guns roaming about in trucks. I don't want to make it sound like Al-Qaeda militants are no longer dangerous but the media could come up with better stuff something Islamophobia getting your sorry two cents into their big argument. I noticed a CNN reporter talk about the lack of military backing to fight those terror threats, going to extremes to abandon where the corrupt could be leading some let's name names. There was equally an oasis showing desert nomads moving about Arwa Damon spoke about claims from certain troops from several countries training to start a revolution it's middle class a silent end to African fighters getting sent home as the aggressor travels and tranquil tensions focus on Boko Haram threat having been calm. While listening to missed steps false accusations and blame of the American media as tornado strikes and I was left without a place to go. Back in those days it was cool to watch television all day but now there's the bad weather, american sniper trial and the ISIS threat yet nothing to watch nowhere to see it, Iraq as well as other political related topics taking center stage where to store all this information but in a negatively skewed distribution. If you own a television the cable provider isn't going to stop asking you when to disconnect how much do you wasted on satellite televisions? let's make that answer 4 everyone is running on high but there's a final destination. I pull into gas stations all the time but since the last time I left the bank and had to run into one with only $6 I don't think I have enough to even make it to school or home. Once I go outside sometimes why aren't american interested in "the world" am I making sense of all this rubbish? are we guinea pigs? is the future of our military in Asia gone to waste as the looming threat of Islamic violence get's placed down onto us by people who are obviously on the run from the law, immigration officers from other countries, foreign cops etc evading arrest. I would like to see a follow up of the report from CNN which indicated terror group Al-Shabbab calls for attacks on shopping Mall's regardless our U.S. intelligence casts doubt on Al-Shabaab's reach. I wish for the media to move past these facts and exchange words at a clear formulaic speed because the outcome seems to namely drown their authenticity.

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