NBA All-Star Weekend Fashion

NBA All-Star Weekend Fashion link.

Very sorry I missed the All-Star game this past weekend my dvd player started to act and I lost the signal because i've got so much happening and I didn't seem interested so I think someone with the power to close out certain observers just instructed the GM to switch off turn everyone with a Cisco at&t cable boxes off. I had to sit and think because after the zero kept showing up at the bottom right corner I didn't think it was going to work, I got really upset but I hear on Sky sports they had fun so that is good. When I got up this morning and still confused about who watched it and why it went black, I didn't see the highlight on CNN Headline News but I did notice the T-MObile advertisement on the carpet. Since stepping into our local T-Mobile cellphone store to ask questions about jobs etc my phone hasn't been attractive so I have been looking at the phones at Best Buy. It was funny because they were closing down and there's this odor so I asked the gentleman what it was and he instructs me to leave their closing. Not to mention that I ran out of fuel after being told to drive a car for 20 miles, I took the thing all the way to downtown Dallas and then it hit rock bottom, I been rolling around taking people to different areas parts around town. To my surprise nobody could help me I had to try my luck and walk I mean drive back to town business has been taking up all the attention from the real reason I look at the investment floors. I'm poor but that's none of your business please tune into watch Cnbc Worldwide Exchange at 3 AM CST wonderful.

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