Status Update

Hello, I was thinking I should look into getting a new computer hard drive since getting the Lenovo it appears to be refusing to work, the battery could be the problem but if I had a stand up computer instead of a notebook I could idle and stay online even when I am not at home. I was just asking someone about biz what to think next whether good/bad if you listen to radio and know about Apple iTunes so much has happened getting stuff to building moving around is becoming more expensive. I live in North Texas I've been disappointed lately with the way I seem to sit and watch as others move fast past me no i'm not jealous but I don't want to get into a nervous wreak because of a disease affecting where I live. I think it's going to get better I heard and have gone to some cool neighborhoods where they live and party it's costly getting gas money, balancing the account i'm talking about making a purchase for breakfast etc. Just looks like people already went the extra mile just to get angry by doing it wrong think someone else came closer to crashing.

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