Kenya Withdraws From International Criminal Court Ahead Of ICC Trial Of President Kenyatta

I was just watching the president of Kenya returning from The Hague there were some misunderstandings about what the outcome was going to be but I have been talking about Rome Statute, and whether anyone believes in it working for mankind. I however do run into certain political observations which lead me to believe there are many things I don't know about European politics and dialog Kenyans cannot allow for The Netherlands to do such a thing to their president it's however uncommon to find Uhuru Kenyatta speaking to reporters and media about events which really made his country turn around. Before leaving they were saying that there wasn't anything to worry about but i'm asking why travel so far for such a short time period letting go of his leadership it's like a missing piece of the puzzle getting introduced to a moment which does in fact ask for him to think otherwise about what he hasn't done to better the nation.

Kenya can only withdraw from the ICC by formal notification to the United Nations Secretary-General by the government, not parliament.

Clinton and Bush, Duale said, refused to join the ICC in order to protect U.S. citizens and soldiers from potential politically-motivated prosecutions.

So I believe in order to nullify the situation his excellency was summoned to appear at the ICC the problems which occurred in Kenya have happened in Africa in a place called Kenya a country without any unknown ideological handles the ICC should thoroughly investigate and ask lawyer Fatty Bensouda about where the case should move to next if in fact the stories in the media are correct. Representation of such an individual such as this gentleman Uhuru Kenyatta and whoever he's rolling with as legal matters unfolded should be put to a stop it shows the highest level of chauvinism, jingoism, isolationism within the country. Truth is what happened took place at a time when Barack Obama was in the spotlight running for his second term as president of America I didn't ever go to meet him or hear anyone talk about making money, there was a lot of confusion because power doesn't get put off it get's turned up so it happened while people were caught red handed discussing matter to do with apartheid social bias towards people of the opposing race. I returned home to sit and watch as the country closed it's doors bloodshed and terrorist threats continued to unfold, I was a student at the time but that's a sick joke because nobody introduced anything how to handle someone responding to your decisions it's ignorant. Doesn't the ICC want to prosecute if so they shouldn't play games i'm thinking it wasn't going to happen the power should have been relinquished then but the outcome sometimes makes waiting election results a matter of answering to terms of engagement making them sign in/out requires people to be in order I disagree with his governance it's making sarcasm over the justice system and leadership within Kenya. It is a biased instrument of postcolonial heagemony. Even though Uhuru stepped down as leader when will he give up control again because someone perhaps called for Kenya to stop the riots but who controlled it? Obama. I do find their decision to be islamic because I heard coming back shame of guilt would be an upset not to mention the call towards them childish, racist even palatial true it's just as it happened. So the ICC shouldn't bother arresting anyone move forward instead of drawing up wrong conclusions let go of slavery wipeout revenge. So if he is found guilty why not let justice be served because I don't see people lined up waiting to enter the country tourists are leaving and in numbers because the situation does call for Kenya to answer for the comparative of educating the notorious criminal.

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