Rant: Ebola Virus

I realized I had to say something after hearing the news about someone in Dallas getting infected with Ebola, it's basically about getting through the day/night avoiding contact with steel, metal, water, fatigue, chicken bits etc. I see how sometimes you can be walking around the local mall requesting others to forgive you for looking that way I wasn't home but I watched two films this month not bad don't search for what I said, who I am hope you get there so many people. I remember leaving class one morning and getting lost along the way as I was coming back from school, I am not going to get paranoid because who could be after me I am just a citizen. But there have been a lot of attempts I suppose from students at the nearby University to show just how much they can get away with, maybe it's just me but where is everyone going with this? because if you look around all I seem to notice is the traffic as we're leaving town sometimes going past Cowboy Stadium. It takes a minute since going to Florida we had to get mom a new wireless phone before I left but why all those problems at the airport? I felt something was going to happen as we were leaving. We were shopping getting some seafood I was looking for stuff to drink coconut water etc, and I had to stop arguing with them people at the market because mom didn't want to buy me anything just before the football game started awhile afterwards they introduced this Thursday Night Football game, she took the day of as an employee working at a nearby hospital. The way we got the phone is we went to T-Mobile and found the store full although there wasn't anyone disturbing the customers it became obvious I was the one who wasn't going to get anything but it's often alluring to get in/out of a bank I've lost something the directions, my attitude, my coins something funny I didn't get a blackberry phone. I have to make a choice if I mess up and go to church instead of a restaurant who will mess with me? about be religious. Going to church in the evening is difficult I live nearby one I sometimes have to return home just to sit and think about those problems i've gone through over the weekend's there's usually not much happening I go out on a job search but don't leave with much other than things to buy so I created a shopping list in my mind one of these items is a brand new towel. Last week I went to watch a movie I need money I just want to find a new place to live even if all i'm doing is collecting speeding tickets from the police. I know where the medicine counter is usually when I get sick I just sleep through it it's painful I rather not mention how often I've walked away from the pharmacist, I usually wait or have to be taken to see where they "obtain medicine" depending on who you notice being beaten life would be better if we could be more open about drug use especially when coming into a certain part of the world where people work, fear and loath. The news about this disease is astonishing who will be infected next? I was listening to the journalist discuss on television a person who is in Dallas now. I certainly don't intend on being the next one it's too close to tell but whatever happens around those pharmacy counters are these people going to be in pain forever? if you've got time compare the difference Africans vs The World otherwise known as a medical center in Switzerland.

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