We Need to Stop Talking About Iggy Azalea

Complex - Since I heard about her I haven't stopped reading these articles which highlight her achievements, but which side does she really represent? Iggy Azalea comes across the airwaves and the music sounds tight it's just nobody can understand or distinguish where she is from. Australian hip-hop? what is she talking about it's my only question but look the swagger appeal took many artists into the record books, following up on a female rapper started out sounding okay but that was when I was expecting to be rolling in a nice car and/or tuning into listening to some African musicians. I never imagined the publishing deals and sold out concert to bring her into rap stardom on behalf of Def Jam. It amounts to enough exposure too much happening on the R&B level not hip-hop that's a unique argument but her ability to rap needs more energy it's show and tell but there isn't anyone going to speak on behalf of women other than someone getting played on the radio. The radio stations need new tracks each time there's someone like her getting famous speaking on a local level it's a cycle but the cycle doesn't reward imported artists; No wonder french hip-hop was popularized I never been to France but going there isn't half the story because talent isn't cheap. Moving on she sold records but God knows how many I would like to imagine Iggy Azalea on the cover of magazines as a nice person, her album is inspiring but the foreign connection doesn't sound like it got her to where she is now the radio tried it better good look amazing. I under estimated her rap skills but she did freestyles during the B.E.t Hip-hop awards she isn't on the cover of XXL magazine exposed understand could make her Wu-famous. They have Kendrick Lamar instead no lie because he's performing on SNL on the weekend meanwhile i'm being told about music magazines which include hip-hop artists and don't talk about Kendrick Lamar dressed in nice clothes and rocking suede shoes, just listen at the news gives me a reason to ask more questions. Especially why she had the beef with rapper Snoop Lion what next. Anytime people notice someone having a blast and signing autographs they start hating I think Iggy Azalea music needs work but I downloaded her website before I was asked if I wanted speakers. Please go to her Facebook page for more info about her album and artwork.

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