Status Update

Hello, It's been a long time since I've said something on my blog basically just performing as usual despite the downtime which affected my daily activities. I found the web not functioning this past weekend after I turned on the computer and couldn't check e-mail, I have also noticed the protesting going on all the people walking looking thirsty I felt for them I haven't been able to do much other than just work and come home. By the end of the month I will have lost 2-3 jobs because I made a big mistake of going to ask and also try helping someone obtain a green card, it all started one morning mom telling me to help take her somewhere I agreed to take her to the immigration office located some 42 minutes away. By the time we arrived I was behind the wheel anyway we entered and I asked about the movie playing on the television I washed my hands and left to return home I had found a second job working at the airport my shift usually started at 2 PM and didn't end until late in the evening around 10 PM. I was just hired as a matter of fact the name of the company I don't want to mention but since I already had a job I happened to answer the call of duty. So I told mom I needed to return home a.s.a.p. but she had to take me to the bank and also go speak to my cousin who recently gave birth to their second child, we stopped to grab a bite to eat at Wendy's before I left for work in a hurry. On my way back I called her to tell mom I was fired I walked into work late after getting all prepared for the shift, I have to explain because the HR told me I had messed up and broke a "cardinal rule" which requires personnel have identification when working at the DFW Airport ramp never ask about identification or how to obtain identification from the DFW Business Center. So I took my shirt off which they provided me and I stormed out of their training room because I had did everything they asked except for cooperate when it came to working my position as a porter, reporting to work later than expected after leaving my job, requesting for permission to obtain identification etc. I was just talking to someone about my identity which I somehow needed because I wasn't going to work without a time card and/or perform without taking food and other items home. Items such as for instance the Korean Air food or watch a movie on British Airways they just don't provide badging it's not as easy as some may think I suppose you have to ask them nicely because since I started wondering about getting hired the only thing I notice is rejection, the airport can often be a hassle since locating gates and parking my car, talking walks often annoys me.

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