Sony Hack

I was just outside now seated at my computer desk I been trying to get caught up with all this information about the latest attempts to destroy Japanese electronics giant Sony, I am not aware of much else other than say that someone or a group of people from a certain hacking community not speaking to media but flashing and showing signs that they've got something to prove. I heard enough about it in the newspapers since I cannot even go grab the new music coming out I just challenge myself each and every time I walk out of an electronics store not to ignore the often times rude remarks from other individuals who are either against the government of the United States or gunners hired to destroy a community. I also been watching the Asians and they don't seem at all interested in school maybe busy learning how to dance but the hackers could be school kids, just looking at what someone could be doing on a laptop makes me a coward because I could be shoulder surfing and running around for information. Have you ever seen Spy Kids? well there is a lot you can learn by just going to the movies and purchasing a ticket. On this occasion I left my job to go watch a film at first I was reluctant then I happen to buy two tickets, each costing $52 the trailers came on then I caught a glimpse of the movie "The Interview" what grabbed me was the title how it sounded I then began to look at what was happening on screen to my suprise, the movie started without any ushers entering the theater. So I began to think how horrible it sounded and how destructive it was just watching the trailers they were really violent but it ended peacefully I walked in after getting some gas from the nearby gas station. I felt paranoid having to sit and wait for a film to begin but this is in the next town are you aware of the zip codes and street signs? some are very horrible so many people living in such a place why did I bother leaving I thought to myself? anyway after I left I watched the news. It just so happened to be a very long film and I didn't bother going to see the second which wasn't on no THX screen or anything, I asked for my money back don't ask why? I guess it's because I left a comment about "The Interview" during the trailers and was forced to request for money I don't make much my paycheck wasn't up to what I had been expecting. Getting out of a theater was simple I just asked for my money back because I used a "plastic card" to pay for the film. Maybe I don't get it the best things in life can be free looking at how credit card companies show you how to raise the limit on expenses, I don't like missing the point but if it's not to difficult waiting in line for the doors to open or better driving behind a tailgate party. Credit card companies shouldn't have to take the blame when people are misled or taken for granted just try understanding the price as some rap songs mention they don't check the prices, I got a black card, Versace Armani rich you know who. So the hackers mainly hang out at the malls and get arrested often some are very young I don't want to go deeper because spying and espionage you cannot do but if someone really walked out with their hands in their pocket would they be labeled or watched like Killer Mike. I am going to just say that sometimes they hate even Africaans the cheese isn't there I just have to answer when told what to do next if you know what I mean there's not much to do but meet up with the very same people who you trust or work with, I don't live in a rich neighborhood I don't even get an allowance hacking is hard lights get cut off in my neighborhood. It doesn't know what the voodoo signs mean or sparking up a conversation with black people excommunicate your way out of paying traffic tickets, talking to the cops a very excruciating experience i'm intelligent always calling the authorities, in a foreign country stuff happens but I been to the store if you ain't balling nothing nobody is going to believe you just look at Nazi propaganda.

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