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Hello, I wanted to post an update to let everyone visiting the blog how i've been doing since stepping away from the television. Well there hasn't been anything good to mention i've lost two-three jobs because of some difficulty with the way they treated me but the week is over I was watching television last night we've had some bad weather. How come it doesn't get cool like the weather in Africa nice and warm, here in North America it's all about what's going on inside the crib because I was out there and they got so many cars and the traffic usually starts from 10 AM until 9 PM. I went to the movies like once until I realized there wasn't anywhere to go so maybe in due time I end up in Mexico where I can walk into a store and not get questioned about cash etc, i've been getting friendly with the locals here in Texas asking about stuff without money your left hanging so when I get bored I go on a drive for a few hours. I recently stepped inside the mall to take a look around I wasn't paranoid because I used to work at Grapevine Mills mall when black friday arrived nobody said anything, I see some people walking past me they're acting unusual and i'm leaving work ready to come back home. Because of such a holiday they probably paid for the hours worked but I had to travel to East Africa thru UAE I waited outside that night before working overnight my shift started at 11 PM, I left work in the early morning. But wasn't paid much I could work on a weekend and be sitting at home about ready to start thinking about cash but because it looks like the minute I arrived the mall got empty so I suppose during the evening is when they're slow I didn't make much. I have also been on the job search with no calls specifically before leaving I went for a job interview and the manager there refused to give me work I was going to be leaving, so I need income to purchase a domain and register my small biz. The mall was just a place to get to whenever but I left to travel to Houston didn't mention it on this blog but when I got back we rented a car and left, I had some money then now that I think about it the journey may have cost more than I had imagined we called the travel agent and they simply took all of my mother's money. I wanted to complain because some people want to get together and don't know the cost of anything, Prince William whom I notice in the store magazine shelf got married that same day I was to leave town. I wasn't looking forward to going to the wedding while walking around I see some tuxedo store wedding gowns i'm not looking to get married like him although the wedding had been publicized enough on television etc. Traveling to Africa on the day of this event was a big headache i'm not rich I don't live in a brick mansion, but the minute we arrived from Houston everything just had to be done on short notice we ate at a Vietnamese restaurant then spent the night before departing. We left for Africa at around 5 AM nobody to wave me goodbye I was very sick and have fallen ill since that time but the Olympics in London just made matters worse, i'm not a part of this relationship while in Africa I was watching Al Jazeera and wasn't told about anything nobody talking no sign of a wedding except on social network Twitter. I heard about the wedding and all about the music but it wasn't like a favor to be leaving and watching them going to a wedding, I felt terrible because they got their wedding done on national television I didn't see anything but the inside of a train at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. So I asked around where the terminal was? where was the flight leaving because I didn't think to be going to miss seeing a prince getting married The Royals get put in magazines all the time this time however it went overboard we left without seeing anything. I really don't want to hear it just because someone got the news about the invite on twitter so much silence no need to even remind myself about that minute it was really on/off course no friendly behavior. This doesn't compare to now when I got all these blogs to post information on I don't feel the need to ask anymore questions sit at home just time to take a long walk and avoid these types of dramatic episodes involving "the royals" if that's where they met they certainly blew up. I was at Dubai walking into the airport without anything we flew all around the world didn't buy anything to eat, no breakfast. I didn't even spent the night or shop but I will remember this next time i'm inside a mall and wanting to walk into a store to buy Cd's from an R&B artist like Beyonce I don't want to blame her but we visited Houston I wasn't in the mood to get bad news the moment we arrived back home. I went behind this one hotel to ring the alarm but asking why there wasn't anything to get from such a place? was anyone interested. So I never made enough cash to shop and get some clothes but it wasn't all about Dubai back then I got busy nowday I don't even want to surf the web. I don't know what it is but someone maybe doesn't like me it didn't register because on my mind I wasn't expecting someone to be speaking to me by the telephone to tell me someone had passed away, I got ears I can hear. I also have got a computer I was trying to rent a car before leaving with my mother and her friend, watching France 24 it all made sense how president Obama went to see the Queen, the raid on the Bin Laden compound, The Royal wedding and a number of other bizarre moments loosing hope running out of fuel. We suffered a black out it was so sad East Africa was harsh I got sick and nobody helped me Kenya was like a real nightmare I don't recall anything other than the short relapse I had flying over Ethiopia I asked is this some kind of sick joke? because I am watching Big brother a show on local televison nowhere to go. So I just wanted to say things got worse the minute of the wedding but despite all that the flight got canceled and we had to re-schedule for the next day, I don't know about you but if your trying to travel and you've got no money the person paying isn't going to share information but it sounded like the prices doubled. So I just feel it necessary to talk about all this now that i'm home and I need something to do I am not a rich person making billions of dollars, it's not funny hearing about the real world and not doing anything about it other than to eat and drink. It's not a nightmare seeing people cheat on others hearing about relationships this rubbish about love and power means happiness; power means hard work and sacrifice. Someone familiar with hard work maybe got it wrong because when I got the call someone in my family had passed it really hurt but it wasn't me lying about seeing someone cheating, I was minding my own biz i'm not jealous even though some Arabs like to take things out of proportion. Taking the blame wouldn't be a cool thing to do you heard about it now your experiencing it whoever made the match I could have done a better job. People fall in love money makes the world go round the confusion just means the truth will someday come out however many weakness, secret and liars were shown since that moment in time, don't become one it's whack.

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