Kenya’s Most Beautiful University Campuses

This is a very interesting article I don't normally post rants about stuff because I hate them but they're highlighted in the media especially the recent special which shows the cost of tuition at the University. Despite the confusion anyway I was just browsing the web and I found the article I just wanted to complain about hearing how much students have to pay when I go into a school I normally just want to be like the rest of those students having ambition, if you ever heard about this rapper who goes by the name of WALE from Washington, DC they play his music all the time but lately it's become obvious how much needs to be spent putting kids through school the cost isn't the only argument. Since social networking has been all I've been doing it's nothing new to appear like someone who's never gone to see those nice places, maybe it's the money but why act like college is cheap, speaking to a family member from our local university I got the feeling sitting down thinking about attending was impossible. But if you wake up and actually ask people how many times they've arrived at a school and been told to never come back because of lack of payments, you may be surprised. A school may be beautiful but it's in the middle of a war zone, behind enemy lines, next to a road, behind a bad neighborhood etc sounds like a boastful argument unlike doing something your told to do, la-di-da the traffic a snotty description about something I would like someone to do for me take a drive to go and see for myself.

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