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Hello, thanks for visiting my blog it's time for a new update this statement is not going to take long but I've been offline. So wassup? I was looking to mention the fact that there's been a lot happening in the media I've been working patiently to resolve certain financial issue like you already know, and it's taken a lot of emotion to attend to it. Basically asking to be allowed to enter the military through this exam at the Navy recruiting station in Arlington, TX also at the Air-Force offices in Dallas, TX.

Regarding my recruiter I spoke to several members of the military at their office the most recent I have to say was at the Army. I left home to go print some paperwork at the TWC otherwise known as the Texas Workforce Commission, while there I thought about using the signature of one of the recruits but didn't find it hard to imagine that I would need my document notarized. So I drove off not thinking that I would have to stop and ask this person about doing it anyway, i've left town several times on occasions where I had to just leave home and have been caught red handed. As soon as I was finished with business I come back to the car to find they had locked my car wheels and wrote something on the windows saying I needed to call mom to ask for $118 so she helped me pay it. I was sent home because the man who gives out the ASVAB test said they had been receiving complaints from upstairs about too many kids coming there to play games so he sent me home it was like obviously going to be a busy day. At Dealey Plaza they have morning traffic I could even read on the bus a banner which said something about "Wicked City" so I just recalled the few times I had gone by there to try entering the military. I quickly looked forward to going back to MEPS, MEPS is located somewhere along dealey plaza the same location where JFK got killed down the block on the other side of this one office is where I normally parked my car. The parking spot was full the first time I arrived so I had called the Dallas MEPS to ask what else I needed before starting out on this journey. So to stop you right there I haven't yet been approved by my recruiter but since I live far away and don't normally get advice about the military I just found it best to look for it online so I searched for this term "MEPS" and found a website i'm fresh off the banana boat going there.

It was often in the early morning when I would arrive and notice the basketball stadium but they always sent me home I didn't explain much but I was told after noticing the bus arriving at this building located at downtown dallas. The bus had a sign which said Dallas so I thought to just listen up and go back home, I made a call and was asked to pay $19 for advice at the front desk, I had done a lot of research but this just wasn't going to help me get over this hurdle. I asked this one girl after she had stepped off the bus which branch of the military she had decided and at first I had the Air-Force in mind then she opens her mouth and says Air-Force with a smile. It was upstairs at the Navy that I was told I had to go back to town and talk to my recruiter those dudes had be taking the practice test but they said I had to go away I was being a nuisance always going to different people talking noise. The guy at the Navy just responded by telling me at first to co-operate so I took the practice ASVAB at the University of Texas in Arlington second floor, so when I brought back the results he told me I didn't pass I needed to pass it. By this time I was so upset I just walked back to my car and started to think what next, everyone who arrived would be sent to different areas, so it's now the Air-Force I suppose. But they keep telling me to try the army go somewhere else at the Navy they said i'm too old; here at the Army I enter only to have to explain to them what I did wrong it was complicated but the woman told me she couldn't help me I had made it explode to where she couldn't do anything but leave me alone.

On walking into the office of the recruiter I tried to explain exactly what I had been trying to do, so he asks me who had sent me to Dallas and I explained how I had searched the net for MEPS and found the search result I wasn't going to play games. Anyway, by this time I had been to that location already after taking the practice test at the Navy and been told to keep trying different methods I needed to do something he explained. So I just felt the need to ask the Army which is right next door about joining and they scheduled for me to return and take the ASVAB, over the phone and in person. Since both the Air-Force and the Army are located at the same location it seems impossible now entering the Navy I have gone there and been turned down i'm just working on different ideas so far none of them have worked. At the Air-Force there is a sign which said schedule appointments but where i'm going where I've come from doesn't matter because they just want me to talk and make a scene, it's like a waste of time telling mom all this she says I need help but I listened to what i'm being told everything sounds like garbage. Nobody thinks I really did anything good she said I should go back to high school and perhaps get a G.E.D i'm sick of hearing that the Navy recruiter told me the same exact thing. But my college counselor says I can take this exam for $33 so I walked out leaving my results with them they said they could shred it. I arrived in Dallas to think about some of the things going on but on that day from the look of it nobody wanted to have anything to do with accomplishing goals, I dislike daydreaming so while they finish what they claim to be a bridge named after my mom I will be trying to enter into this MEPS building. I've talked to certain lawyers and they just asked for consultation fees, I was sitting outside trying to think where I should go I packed all my stuff. There were two people outside their Dallas office one said he's trying to join the Air-Force some inside the elevators mentioned the Navy, there is no adequate parking I notice him moving his car towards the museum parking underneath across the street.

The security told me I couldn't enter without a piece of paper or approval from my recruiter, having arrived at 5 am I didn't think I was going to encounter any problems but here comes a bus from Sheraton Hotel it's all white. The security who I notice walking in spoke to me they told me to try working on my physical appearance so I listened as they talked, I wasn't going to tell them that I had called and been told not to come there without a recruit there are two people wearing Navy clothes walking in I am following behind a Latino gentleman he's going in to ask for the same thing I guess. I notice they got people standing outside arriving the security guard said I needed to leave so I walked outside and tried to think, it's when I notice a police guard with a handgun on his waist telling me to enter thru the front. Sometimes the security would arrive with his lunch box and point to the back or say something like we had to line up at the back, over at the back they have parking but it's for Federal Employees so I just sat there and waited early in the morning. Meanwhile listening to this security guard he's telling me to depart the premises so I start to think what are they trying to say I've been here already what's happening?? Dealey plaza is busy in the morning they told me they were shooting a movie so I crossed the street trying not to follow the black man as he walked over to the right. I was getting nervous so on Saturday I left home to go evaluate this place they have a hotel the woman over the phone said she didn't know anything about MEPS or how to enter into the military. So I took it they wasn't going to be an exit inside there is a sign saying show photo id the security guard didn't ask for me to produce anything to my surprise. I thought I was being blamed for carrying old clothes, terrorism, drugs etc they had a K-9 btw as I was showing my ID. If I can count I left because I had already been there that entire week so probably six times I guess I wasn't wearing a suit or carrying a suitcase. The security spoke to me and told me to come back with a recruiter get lost I thought I showed my passport but it was early in the morning, the only people there was Navy employees one Air-Force duke but he sent me back downstairs. I looked at those buildings as I was trying to make my arrival the bus station is full of people I went the wrong way even had to drive by past the book depository on my way back to the highway everything so loud.

Despite all these fiascos the Air-Force told me to return in two months but I had left my car on outside before taking the practice test. So this kind of makes it appear like I am just looking to get hired on the flip side, I see a lot about the military I hear Spike Lee be directing their commercials I watch them as well as pray about joining. So far I haven't been told anything I did all the research and watched "60 minutes" episodes where they show Afghanistan etc. As far as I know it's about getting into shape right now i'm focusing on the Army to do what they claim to be possible, but since they told me to study I will do so and if I encounter any more issues I will simply change to the Air-Force this requires to ask the recruiting officer for permission I am close but not that close wish me luck.


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