Feds Giving Engineers and Scientists $50K to Learn to Start Companies

“In the 20th century, business innovation was centered on Harvard business school,” Blank said. “I will contend the center is now on the West Coast and it's ..


Nicki Minaj Covers FADER Magazine

Nicki Minaj alongside Yeasayer cover FADER’s annual spring style edition which will drop everywhere on March 2nd, Nicki has this cute little conniving look going. Read more on the issue at The FADER.


Penalties breaks USA hearts

Japan have won their first Women's World Cup after denying Team USA by equalising twice and then holding their nerve in a penalty shoot-out in which three American missed ...


Update: Rihanna Dallas concert

My you tube account was recently reduced to show only one video the account was nearly suspended so it's been shutdown. Weftworld is no longer going to be accessible following a recent concert which I was at to see artist Rihanna live in concert American Airlines center. A fire was reported to have been at the top of the stage, I was seated to the right side and didn't know what was happening until I walked away breathless. Everyone starts to shout and look around I stepped out it was after this concert was finished a blaze could be seen on top of the stage. Afterwards firemen come running down the stairs and it was over, it was the first time i've gone to the AAC Rihanna feat J.Cole open the tour promo his album. I asked for parking think it was obvious something like that would happen, I couldn't find my spot which was nearby the front entrance away from the traffic light. She stepped up on stage singing and stuff I was seated there right next to where the fire started as a matter of fact before it began I tried not missing the stage acts performing their dance routine. I stood up to watch there was alotta light effects happening on stage, the summer is hot I didn't carry a towel, I tried to think by sitting down and not sharing any sentiments. Something was wrong it was loud I had come in from the entrance what went wrong? someone trying to illustrate your music should first of all watch Jurassic Park.


Google+ already at 10 million users, could reach 20m by this weekend

geek.com - Google+ has been live for just 2 weeks, and in that time only those with access to an invite have managed to sign up. Even then, the invites didn't always


Horror of life in a city under siege

SMH.com.au ~ Brothers, fathers and sons from almost every household risk their lives defending the city from the forces of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi which surround it.


Why Some Skypers Are Seeing Red

A very interesting post concerning Skype do you look at phone rates? does anything seem odd like will you obtain a Verizon handset anytime soon? if you look into what they're selling it's mostly just to learn from consumers. Sometimes to settle a big corporate contract. Otherwise users appear to have learned and then taken over the company. Meanwhile the employees want to know what happened to the share prices, good article about choosing the right investment advisor.

British PM announces inquiry into phone-hacking scandal

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced the creation of a full public inquiry led by a judge into the phone-hacking scandal


Jay-Z and Will Smith Producing Films Together

Jay-Z, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, James Lassiter, and Ken Stovitz are partnering to form a major motion film production company. The first film slated to be produced is the remake of Annie starring read more.

Do celebrities get better service?

You might think you need to be a personality or a celeb to get good service, but there is another way.


White House unveils retooled plan to hunt al-Qaida

The United States will push ahead with more targeted drone strikes and special operations raids and fewer costly land battles like Iraq and Afghanistan in the continuing war against al-Qaida, according to a new national… Read

Spain’s Gemasolar Array is the World’s First 24/7 Solar Power Plant!

Spain’s Gemasolar Array is the World’s First 24/7 Solar Power Plant!

Read more: Spain's Gemasolar Array is the World's First 24/7 Solar Power Plant! | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World