Manhattan photographer says two Georgia clothing companies are illegally using his images of Aaliyah

A photographer who shot some of the last portraits of Aaliyah says that two clothing companies are illegally using the images

BMW’s Stalled Growth Engine Opens Door to Luxury-Car Top Spot

Bloomberg -- As BMW prepares to celebrate its 100th birthday next week, Mercedes-Benz is out to spoil the party. Mercedes has its best shot .

Gianni Infantino pulls off stunning victory to win FIFA presidential election

Dallas News - I have been having problems with my cable box to put it another way I haven't been seeing much respect for the sport in terms of visualizing and understanding who and what happens on the field. Ever since watching a matchup during one of these public holidays someone pointed me towards realizing there needed to be something said and done about getting the rights to watch such events, I was in East-Africa and they had a passion for the sports namely it's well worth saying they didn't have to send the trophy there for others to see. I don't know about you but during the holidays the only thing I want to watch is sports I been complaining to the point where my own mother has refused to allow me to stand in places that don't support the sport, desolate untenanted areas such as auto parts stores where you can just walk in and make decisions. I think because they show special teams and announcements it's going to be a challenge standing up when everyone has been sitting down and vice versa. This appears to be a worthy candidate the photo however shows him to be a rogue maybe if everyone could stop being rude to one another and celebrate the many occasions, the instances FIFA has played and done a good job. I really wish the candidate was me but I've run into people who don't necessarily care they just want their cash and that's final. Good luck to him provided they take the sport of soccer where future players and coaches have taken it where to next? nothing more to say.


The return of Kim Jong-un

MSN - I wasn't looking forward to typing this but I would like to share what I think about the Korean government and it's people. I think they're cool to be given the benefit to be on a James Bond flick named Die Another day coupled with, marching next to one another with weapons, life couldn't be anymore dangerous. Their reporters aren't hiding from scrutiny ask any foreign media source since I came across this one magazine about politics called "Current Affairs" the item looked small placed at the bottom of a stack of newspapers at the bookstore, during those days I normally just witnessed patrons sitting there ordering tea. I sometimes would step inside to get a book or if I was with my mother she would be in there studying while I waited for her to finish. The item didn't catch me by surprise I wasn't about to just sit there and watch the Matrix Reloaded so I left home to go in search of stuff to read and that thing bothered me, but because it obviously had a resemblance to Red Herring I wasn't going to pass the opportunity. I want to mention that I been noticing and hearing the news about North & South and it's puzzling, I can be in search of stuff to read from the newspaper stand and here is this country which cannot seem to stop battling the other for supremacy. They're very corrupt so much so that it's not easy getting a good feed on the news especially when your away or a traveler with little time to use Social Networks. I don't want to ignore the few times I've been forced to follow other folks who don't live close to me they are across town, the ghetto bird helicopters and instances where I found Noodles thrown or left on the table leave me no choice but to post this entry. I don't work and haven't been able to find a job it's been years since I left school but my car is parked out there whoever got some change for me to wash my clothes, I can be on my way to work and having to walk into areas where I feel unsecure the Military news stories are available but it doesn't make me bulletproof people like him make sporting events stellar. I don't know about you a milkshake or two doesn't bar merchants from from selling them cheating on them etc. Do they know about the imprisonments how far could someone be requesting to be taken? it goes to show what someone could doing in the middle of the night, their society is poisoned, murder, harassment etc it used to be cool beans but not anymore. I don't know about superb all they've been doing is rising to the occasion claiming extreme terror and control of other nations. What's a leader supposed to do next? How will they repair both sides? who knows since it all began late one summer afternoon. Prison is real out here in today's world a lot happens and nobody knows what to say and do, I wouldn't like to be sent to Cuba over something I experienced, all your likely to understand is the issue having to do with tribalism Obama slapped them with sanctions.

Life could be better beyond these circumstances driving Japanese cars within The States I am forced into the arrogance of not being able to obtain albums like, The Miseducation of Lauren Hill, conversely Teflon Don and so on.

The allies also say their annual springtime military drills will be the largest ever. South Korea’s defense minister said Thursday that about 15,000 US troops will take part, double of the number Washington normally sends.

The North says the drills are preparation for a northward invasion.

Seoul defense officials also said that they began preliminary talks on Feb. 7 with the United States on deploying the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense, the same day North Korea conducted what it said was a satellite launch but is condemned by Seoul and Washington as a banned test of missile technology.

Gangsters Out Blog: Two L.A. police officers charged with sexual assau...

Gangsters Out Blog: Two L.A. police officers charged with sexual assau...: Reuters is reporting that "two Los Angeles Police Department officers have been charged with repeated sexual assaults on four women ...


Former semiconductor facility in Arlington is under contract

The former National Semiconductor property on Bardin Road in Arlington is under contract to a buyer that appears to have plans to redevelop the property.

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How to reap big with smart inter-cropping

- This is Caleb Omolo’s five-acre farm at Koderobara in Rongo, Migori County. Mr Omolo has inter-cropped 100 different food crops with promising yields showing all over his farm. The farmer also has 10 bee-hives hanging from mature grafted mangoe trees which are just about to start flowering. The farm is expertly organised anyone visiting will fall in love with its layout almost instantly.


Fed-Ex Ground

I would like to share this entry because I used to work for the company and happened to find this interesting, it's about small business for anyone wanting to know or use their services. They hired me to work as a package handler and I worked there making $9.96 an hour I however got hired somewhere else a place called Gate Gourmet. I put in so many applications but Fed-Ex hired me to work the afternoon pre-load shift or something. This sounded confusing because when I showed up for work they were constructing the entryway and had us check in at the booth or whatever, I would sometimes come back to ask if I could go in and work but left my wrist band in the car. It became bothersome having to do all that changing of gear so while I was about to go home one day they terminated me. It's because of a dispute I had with the supervisor she asked that I come into the office to speak to my manager. The manager told me to wait in the break room to be told I wasn't going to be employed anymore so I just stood there wondering what else was left to do, I had made some mistakes loading the truck I understand the job was difficult but it was time to clock in/out. I wasn't interested in the way they treated employees because the work I heard thru the grapevine was stressful. This may help anyone wanting to do biz globally, compared to UPS I don't know where else you can go, what else you can do to repair a damaged reputation. The other job sent me packing also I was looking to perhaps continue showing up and giving strangers rides before arriving, I wasn't offered a raise just a t-shirt and a photograph. I requested that they offer me incentives like for instance instead of standing in the cold freezer, hand me a SIDA badge, I'm told this violates company rules.


Lebron James Sells Miami Mansion

Basketball star LeBron James made headlines when he announced he was leaving the Miami Heat for his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers. click here