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Greets, I am sitting down i'm at home about to enjoy my breakfast I don't have anything planned for this week I was just surfing the channel lineup watched some of the Texas Longhorn stadium track & field events which happened yesterday. The march madness has also been on sometimes I dunno what to do next but I am having fun learning about the french stuff running thru my mind but I am looking forward to another wonderful week..just finished listening to certain radio reports sounded like they're sick.
Since I don't have anything planned I found some search engines forwarding web addresses there are many places to go I told my cousin about my trip recently hoping they would understand my problem it hasn't rained I get bored meanwhile waiting. Usually I am the first person walking around waiting for people to come talk to me i've lost stuff before so if your Asian and wondering about Flight MH 370 don't be afraid to understand where the flight may have gone to, it ended so why consider that it's somewhere away from the Australian coast? goodbye!

Brazil forces occupy favela ahead of World Cup

BBCBrazilian security forces have moved into a slum near Rio airport, as part of efforts to drive out drugs gangs before this year's football World Cup.

Brilliant Putin is the leader I most admire, says Nigel Farage

Ukip leader cites former KGB officer Vladimir Putin as the statesman he most admires cont'd

François Hollande under pressure after Socialists routed in French elections

François Hollande, the embattled French president under pressure to wield axe on Socialist government after historic drubbing in municipal elections


Papoose On Jay Z: “He’s Not Better Than Me”

Does Pap have a point here?

[via NYDN]

War Against Terror: Military Kicks Over ‘Soft Approach’

Before saying anything I would like to begin by asking the same question many
have been asking what exactly is a Boko Haram Islamist?

I just found another interesting post regarding the
war being waged against Islamic organizations such as Boko Haram in Nigeria and various other parts of the world. I don't know what to tell people because since there aren't any jobs and making money to support oneself has become difficult I would like to tell a short story about how we managed
to complete a roadway construction before anyone realized it needed manpower and other resources. It's not simple building roads as you notice the weather changes from season to season some are forced to wake up and go to work early so to pay bills and support their families. I notice the endless traffic on the road on my way home but how do they do it? where does the help come from perhaps it's from extremist organizations such as this one. I am only just starting to notice the car commercials and since it's named after a former president leaving it would be out of the questions so I am going to talk about it here. It's very interesting to be driving or sitting as a passenger along the Dallas toll way where the construction happened I was asked to report for a job interview, I had class that day so I made plans to arrive around 12 am. But when I showed up they didn't have anyone ready and didn't appear to be interested in someone like myself dressed in civilian clothing and cowboy attire. So after she tells me that they would get back with the news about not being interested I immediately became suspicious about their facility, it looked awfully new outside we go by there and it's unbelievable to imagine myself working in such an area, especially since it's miles away from where I stay. So before going out there I checked for directions and then started driving it's now complete this Dallas highway I mean it stretches for miles. I notice road construction there once huge concrete barriers for the entire length of it, at the tune of $7 million dollars provided nothing for us, all over the town it appeared to be taking me somewhere until I realized I was out of a job the most expensive road construction project in the state's budget. It however ended why doesn't someone say something about why it is called that "George Bush" freeway and where it could have taken people? Ikea. Today since motor vehicles use it on a daily basis I would like to be given a job. Someone in one of my classes in school tells me they work for the highway authority of North Texas so I was just wondering if you've ever driven on this road before? if you haven't then let me tell you it's completely long but very comfortable driving on it isn't as bad as it sounds but whoever constructed it definitely didn't care about making money from it, how families would handle it's resoluteness because civil engineering sometimes makes confusion about environmental standards. Because it's a laborious task having to pick people up and take them home, drop them off then back again so why not mention it I thought. Just wondering what could happen if you didn't obey traffic laws while rolling on such a road because it appears to have been constructed by terrorists not the NTTA.

Boko originally means fake but came to signify Western education, while haram means forbidden. The name sounds familiar derived from the leaves of some African bush please don't laugh but I don't mind explaining how the term made it on this weblog from Maiduguri in 2002. Secondly, I found leaves from Japanese
garden where you can locate the same stuff. The Nigerian state look took it to another level by their uncalled for reaction to the groups intelligent warnings asking for some exposure and basically making it on their own. Now it's a well known terror group who's purpose is to promote a version of Islam which makes it "haram", or forbidden, for Muslims to take part in any political or social activity associated with Western society.

Since the Sokoto caliphate, which ruled parts of what is now northern Nigeria, Niger and southern Cameroon, fell under British control in 1903, there has been resistance among the area's Muslims to Western education.

The group is sometimes known for it's shoot-outs on Maiduguri's streets, their leadership and rule is complex to say nothing of a 15-minute video posted on YouTube, the group's leader Abubakar Shekau defended the group's targeting of Christians, saying this was revenge for previous attacks on Muslim.
Condemning the activities of the Boko Haram sect in north-eastern Nigeria, he said it was a “stark reminder” for sub-regional leaders to urgently put heads together and nip the violence in the bud. The security situation in north-eastern Nigeria, Mali and Guinea Bissau as well as the next elections in Guinea Bissau topped the agenda of issues that dominated discussions at the opening ceremony of the summit.

So the fight is really over territories all over the world ongoing war against the insurgents despite the “Soft Approach” program which appears to be the one of the ways Nigeria would like to battle Boko Haram criminal activities.

According to the NSA, the objective is to engage violent extremist convicts and suspects in theological, ideological, physical and entrepreneurial value change that will lead to a change in their behavior.

France local elections: Far right expects run-off gains

BBC News - French voters are going to the polls in the second round of local elections, expected to result in significant gains for the far-right National Front (FN).

Cameroon ‘Intercepts Boko Haram’s Arms Shipment’

Cameroonian authorities have arrested three persons suspected to be arms dealers linked to the deadly Boko Haram sect.

Street Journal also gathered that other suspected terrorists were arrested by Nigerian military men while attempting to escape into Cameroon through Taraba and Adamawa states.
The men were caught in the far north of the country on Wednesday, near the border with Nigeria where the group has been waging a brutal armed insurgency.

A Cameroonian police official who spoke to AFP on the condition of anonymity said “members of the BIR (an elite rapid-response unit of Cameroon’s army) and the police found a significant stock of arms including a Kalashnikov and rocket launchers near Goulfey”.

Though the officer did not state where the men were from, he said the arms came from Chad.

“Three suspects were taken in for questioning, suspected of being among the arms traffickers that supply Boko Haram. The stock of weapons was sizeable, and we think the plan was to bring them through Cameroon before taking them to Nigeria,” he said.

Some members of the terrorist sect are believed to have fled to Cameroon due to the intense offensive launched against them by Nigerian forces.

Earlier this month, six suspected fighters and one Cameroonian soldier were killed in clashes after Boko Haram infiltrated into neighbouring Cameroon.

A number of terrorists were also arrested in Adamawa State when they came out of hiding in the forest due to hunger in their makeshift camps.

Those that were apprehended led the Nigerian forces to other hideouts. Seven terrorists died, while a large number of improvised explosive devices, IEDs, and rifles were recovered including over 70 motorcycles. A similar encounter in Gombi also led to the death of four other terrorists.

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The £22bn Current Account Deficit Mystery

Sky News - Not so long ago Britain's current account balance was in surplus, now it is £22bn in the red - so just where did the money go?

The current account balance is one of those economic numbers that tends to linger in the backdrop these days.


MH370: search effort swings towards finding black boxes

The Guardian - US navy equipment arrives to scan for flight recorders on ocean floor after satellite photos reveal 122 pieces of possible debris

Telefonica Brasil Q4 Earnings Drop - Analyst Blog - NASDAQ.com

Telefonica Brasil Q4 Earnings Drop - Analyst Blog - NASDAQ.com

Why Wu-Tang Will Release Just One Copy Of Its Secret Album

I recently asked someone about where the album was I was standing at Best Buy attempting to find their last release called 8 diagrams. I understand the group is going thru financial trouble all their ideas are magnificent, sounds like their not even getting along with producer Rza. Anytime I search the news and see the torment happening I don't like to hate on others but if this doesn't work I am flatly going to say they got a big problem, maybe. A Better Tomorrow isn't going to sound good it's going to burn..before leaving the store I stopped by the electronic section to ask about the Aaliyah record so I am there describing the color and look album art. Not to hate or anything but just one song from a whole eccentric Romanian art form puts blame on creativity and the way their producer thinks. So I don't want to waste people's time by explaining what I think looks good but cannot even control it's too much emphasis on beats, lyrics, everything, management when really it's all just a waste of space sitting down all bored. I would like to obtain their music but it's difficult understanding what producer Tarik “Cilvaringz” Azzougarh their new producer is doing, he's probably sitting on a fortune but now their work is no longer a factor musicians don't know the business consumers aren't interested if their money get's wasted on something not worth looking at it could be sold or given out at parties for all I care. Why don't they just make do it the regular way no matter who is available making money sounds easy I RZA should release better work the real way without creating trouble all this noise about religion, creativity, record stores, artistry, powershares. Because they catch what their doing regardles sometime the best choice isn't to get paid from the art of Swedish techno. Unless you take it serious about working with the right people to make real artful music sound better going on tour, performing in front of people who are interested in your music then dissing by complaints about banks it's fishy the fact that it's too fast or too tight and dangerous doesn't do much to make me like that music listen to it? very funny.


Chinese, French presidents hold talks, blueprinting bilateral relationship

I was just browsing the net and came across an interesting article, I have got nothing to say about this meeting between the two leaders. I once am familiar with the French way of doing biz my former place of work was right in the same premise at China Airlines, sometimes only wish to be working in such a place but the job no longer needs help so I still wish to be working for the Chinese. Although Air France has a facility there in the same location where I once had to come and work Cargo handling for China Airlines. I dunno Pres. Xi said the two countries should also strengthen people-to-people exchange what do they mean when they use the term People-to-People? because it's the language and lack of support from the Human Resources department that made me leave those people you come in and they make false assumptions and promises. Although business sometimes get's complex I don't notice others coming thru the door, they just act as if it's not important but sometimes traditional beliefs make matters worse nothing is free get a life. I went there to ask if I could work for them and they promised that they had given my application a look so I reported in for orientation and still it's as if they're not interested in hiring me. So I just think because asking around isn't going to get me hired I walked away because the human resources wasn't interested in helping me enter the door. So instead of ignoring the China Airlines job I would like to find out the various ways I can do business with these people they're not as clean as Air France, but since I already walked in thru the door where they now have offices right there at DFW I got nowhere else to go.



Nigeria’s Soft Approach To Countering Terrorism (1)

Nigeria’s Soft Approach To Countering Terrorism (2)

MH370 Malaysian plane: Indian Ocean searched for plane

BBC - An international search of the southern Indian Ocean is continuing for a second day as authorities try to locate a missing Malaysian airliner.


Manchester United

Manchester United's manager David Moyes heads a ball during a training session at the club's Carrington training complex in Manchester, northern England March 18, 2014. United are set to play Greek side Olympiakos in the Champions League on Wednesday. (REUTERS/Phil Noble)


Revisiting Beyoncé: Could 'Jealous' Be Its Most Important Song?

The Atlantic - Three months after its release, it's clear that Beyoncé's latest album contains one of her most startling messages yet: Maybe she's wrong.


Trip to Lagos

I just returned from Lagos, Nigeria where I stayed for a number of days. I happened to walk into notice the news about the Malaysia Airliner which went missing it's been a long journey coming back home a few things to mention after coming back then post some links, since leaving from Dallas Love Field last week. Our flight arrived late on Thursday ironic because it happened to be close to my brothers birthday. I however wasn't able to speak to him before departing with my cousin at the wheels, it was me and mom I got a call after leaving a local department store. I answered the call and it's my cousin on the phone telling me to hurry up and make it, I said alright I got to send some mail then we're leaving i'm in a rush please give me 1 1/2 hours. I spent that morning watching television I was making plans in my mind I wanted to return some stuff I had purchased nearby, a pair of jeans and shirts. Since I didn't pay for anything I suddenly pulled up onto where I stay to meet my mother she's all packed and ready to go i'm given 30.00 NGN which I quickly realize needs to be put into the pocket. I put the luggage into the car i'm taking there so I say goodbye to everyone and take off for my cousins home located some 0.181984 USD distance away, exact amount given to me. After arriving I knock on the door and am told what to do so I sit down after doing whatever usually it's either exit the property or watch out kids playing on the main street, so I do as I was told. I happen to have been sending some mail so I give them to my cousin he says we shouldn't miss the flights and need to run there as quickly as possible there is a computer so I do some searching and find the NY Times biz page. I am sitting down looking at the computer screen and they're talking and speaking in foreign language which sounds like rap to me but I was hearing something about pizza and laughter. I am ready I do some final analysis of the journey which should take a lot of money, I don't work and have been arguing with mom about leaving certain items to keep the budget down. I check my weight which is an astonishing 224.00 lbs and carry the bags out the house into the car. My cousins tells me to sit in the front seat and we depart I am listening to the weather and tuned in I recall seeing something about two days of rainfall, then sunny the other times of the week it's west of where I grew up so I also do some searching for Kenyans. Before leaving I listen to the news and see the Kenyan president reversing a tractor trailer, we are going to use the Dallas toll way some buses going the opposite side of traffic no intention to stop and shop at the mall you know it's usually busy seeing people at the mall after church. The airport looks empty we go past the rental car center and the aerospace facility where they are supposed to be keeping count of what takes place, I am taking notes the man at the front counter asks for my passport and I hand it over. My cousin is the one who dropped us off I explain to the man who my mother is I did explain it to a few people I hope they didn't mind me using a bold choice of words. But it's time to leave Dallas a place I've stayed in for 2 years Africa is going to be cool but we're going to stop in Houston, Texas to make the connection. We are sitting there waiting it's the wrong gate and the planes have been running left and right after entering I tell mom and my cousin that we're at the wrong gate and need to move closer to the left. We slowly get up not to look silly or nothing this is a business airport the place where LBJ was sworn in as the president of America shortly after JFK was assassinated. I am thirsty and need something to cool me off I've been sitting down so I order a Turkey sandwich and a bottle of water, the person paying asked if I wanted something it is now obvious that private aviation or jets flying nearby belong to wealthy politicians with bonobo credentials i'm maybe not one of them but I find some woman selling magazines. Just before sunset it's now evening time and the plane hasn't arrived yet I notice the fire department leaving the premises we might have missed the departure but I really need to get this journey over with I want to make a second trip. The fireman and the truck leave the property nothing else is going on there is an employee standing at the counter and she is looking down perhaps into the computer, the gentleman from Southwest or maybe United Airlines begins telling us the details and I am feeling sleepy so I take a quick nap before realizing that the flight isn't going to be leaving until 6:30 pm this is when the evening news come on so I ignore the people seated nearby one of them is from asia wearing a green jacket the other is a Nigerian female she is talking on the phone. By the time they tell us that the flight got caught up I am about ready to take off so the place arrives and comes in to pick us up and outta there, the terminal is about closed so some people are walking out and we have been clapping and singing thanks for eons. Houston looks clean the airport is where I think they hosted the All Star game back last year so i'm looking around to notice a computer screen, nobody around at the terminal near the restaurant, it's closing time everything is over and done for the day I even realize some of the people sitting inside them gone. So I just follow along as we go to the United Airlines reservation or customer service center to ask where the plane was located, I am now guessing that I look weak or unable to fly alone because i'm single maybe or it's the unusual cat. We are told to come back tomorrow evening there isn't going to be any travel at night so they put us in a hotel and tell us their going to give us a ride to spend the night at Park Inn. I am very tired so I purchase some food with the coupons which I didn't want to recycle but wanted to use I purchase two slices of pizza as i'm sitting down listening to some people chatting nearby. The food court is there I do notice the people we are traveling with aren't happy with the look of things so I just hear come on let's go, so I get up to go outside the weather is almost cold I don't have anything expensive just a jacket. The ride arrives and we exit the premises again this time towards the hotel, the next day we have to wait until 7:30 pm but I am ready Texas is very busy from the looks of it the Beltway is full I'm here eating breakfast sitting at the hotel. However this isn't going to take long so we have to wait for the taxi to take us there, I've been looking at Kenya and intend to travel into Nairobi. So we leave and arrive at the United terminal counter again right near the border patrol entrance or United States customs and immigration counter you shouldn't miss it if your flying in/out of the country. We get into the airport and quickly it's time to sit down again I suppose because of the alarm of traveling without money I need security so I just stand up and begin walking where to I dunno but I am following the people I am with a group of women for this organization named Scoan.org I dunno many people in Texas but before leaving home I made sure to speak to a friend of mine about my journey. At the gate which I recall was E20 or something we sit down there is a game on TNT anyway the check in isn't running thru my mind I fell asleep. So after getting confirmation to use the bathrooms, I notice a flight bound for Heathrow opposite where I am sitting watching this game, so I look at my ticket and figure that it's getting busier, this maybe one of the busiest airports in the entire country as you leave and look down at the employees. I wasn't talking to anyone but someone on the phone next to me a Nigerian remember I am flying there it's another day another dollar you can hear it in the air in fact we watched CNN Russian president Putin taking everyone for a ride or taking blame for what's happening in Europe Ukraine, and Crimean a movie. So even though I would have wanted to go to London, Great Britain i'm all set to challenge the woman asking me to stand next to this machine which appears to be for pilots it's a printer. The flight into Lagos, Nigeria was full I almost didn't enter it but I check out first class seats okay. We are moving towards Florida and i'm watching a movie about Kenyan street gangs some scenes very awkward but encouraging alcohol is very bad these actors look dangerous comparing myself to an American version of HBO series The Wire. On arrival at Lagos Nigeria airport I look down my seat is kind of hiding what's really happening but the poverty is alarming. Nothing else to do except walk out that taxi meter I am certain landing cost more than most would think, I noticed DHL, Arik and Air France we however aren't allowed to speak because the airport is well known to be dangerous place military executive style. I don't often travel but this appears to be an idea from my mother and cousin, so I just sit and ask them to change subjects today however I am asking for my luggage Nigerians are filling up behind me I hand over my passport and show them the visa which I obtained from the Americans. I leave the terminal only to be lucky to find this one chap who tells me he's a rapper and has a cellular phone in hand to play something he's been recording, I asked what he is doing in the airport and he's a real thief but I guess standing at the airport trying to make a living. But the other people are walking out to I don't see these women we arrived with but at baggage claim is where everyone gathered around and stood up talking females getting set for the night out. I am about fed-up so I take my stuff and begin walking around asking for where the rest of the people I came with are I go outside?? no sign of them so I walk back into the terminal and notice Ethiopian flight crew going past me I however dunno what they could be speaking of did you hear anything I am wondering. So the airport looks really cold. I could understand the softness of not having my bags given to me as promised but we get some sad news about the Malaysian Airliner which crashed after departure. It went missing from radar screen it went down inside church, they took so long to end service but we happen to be staying there in the main capital for a few days preacher enters the church to make the announcement. He is dressed in blue jeans and dress shirt people moving about prepared to listen some in African clothing others unable to come to terms with certain stuff but it's a big church. I am seated down next to the exit wearing clothes and shoes but leaving was the hardest thing because we are being taken back in a white bus with curtains, I recall listening to a lot of reggae, dancehall artist but Nigeria appears to be on the brink of loosing it's mind, I realize the time zones to be the same nothing much to obtain except a return flight back home to Texas.

Report says computers on 777 were still sending routine data back to Boeing engine workshop hours after last sighting cont'd.

China says its satellite images could show Malaysia Airlines plane debris

Malaysia Airlines MH370: Last communication revealed

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: how the search unfolded

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Days pass, no word of loved ones

Malaysia Airlines jet may have crashed into Indian Ocean; authorities say flight did NOT fly for 4 hours after disappearing, photos of debris debunked

Missing Malaysia Airline Plane: What We Know Now


Status Update

Hello, I have been invited to go visit Nigerian the name of the organization is Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN. I am about to depart the country to go to see this church, I am all set for the journey with a Maasai blanket today also happens to be my brothers birthday. Let's stay out of trouble, plant trees and conserve energy the world needs our prayers the environment is getting worse all I care about now days is US dollars or money. Our local weather report indicates some rain showers tomorrow. The flight is going to take us there 12 hrs I am unsure about who else is going to be touring Nigeria with us, seems like Kenyan matatu drivers are on strike it's a very nice planet we expect to visit Nigeria and stay for about 4 days. After that I asked mom about going to see my brother who is now in Kenya and she informed me that it's okay maybe return thru Houston for a second round trip to East Africa. So pray for me that I go to Kenya or else I am just going to have to insist that we go.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Pose In The Buff For French Magazine

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Pose In The Buff For French Magazine